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Yummy Gummy Tower

Yummy Gummy Tower

Yummy Gummy Tower


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Wowza!  NEW Yummy Gummy Towers

3 Sizes!!

 Ginormous, Just Right, and Teeny Weeny(Not So Small)

Build Your Own Tower

.Select 3 of your favorite Gummies!  Specify the box size.

 Original Swedish Fish,
 Multi-Colored Swedish Fish, 
Sour Neon Worms,
 Sour Patch Kids, 
Original Haribo Gummy Bears, 
Haribo Gummy Peaches,
 Champagne Bears
 Gummy Unicorns.

Prices begin at $35.00
Customize your tower for any occasion. 
Ribbon colors vary by season, Deliciousness will remain the same!
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