Neuhaus Quarter Pound

Neuhaus Quarter Pound

Neuhaus Quarter Pound


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A delightful sampler of a random ten pieces of imported Neuhaus Chocolate. A wonderful celebration of thanks!

Please list your preferences of tastes, if you are so inclined. We will accomodate according to availability and weight. This list serves only as a guidepost and does not guarantee all your selection will be available. We reserve the right to subsititute varieties. Inventories are constantly changing, as our inventory arrives every 3weeks.

Caprice : Nougatine filled with smooth Madagascar vanilla fresh cream | Dark Chocolate (COUNTS AS TWO PIECES)

Tentation : Nougatine filled with a coffee ganache | Milk Chocolate (COUNTS AS TWO PIECES)

Manon Noir : Chocolate Mousse | Dark Chocolate

Manon Orange : Mousse with pieces of orange zest | Dark Chocolate

Manon Lait : Mousse with praliné and caramelized hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Manon Choco Vanille : Vanilla Mousse with a pecan nut | White Chocolate

Diane : Chocolate fresh cream on a gianduja base | White Chocolate

Cornet Doré : Hazelnut gianduja | Milk Chocolate

Cornet Noisetté : Hazelnut gianduja with crunchy hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Méphisto : Almond and hazelnut praliné with caramelized hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Cœur praliné : Almond and hazelnut praliné | Milk OR Dark Chocolate

Art Deco : Almond praliné with nougat inclusions | Dark Chocolate

Sapho : Smooth almond praliné | Milk Chocolate

Napoléonette : Praliné with coffee | Milk Chocolate

1857 : Speculoos cinnamon praliné | Milk Chocolate

Albert : Hazelnut praliné with a roasted caramelized hazelnut | Dark Chocolate

Passion Amande : Praliné with caramelized almonds and Frech Seasalt | White Chocolate

Astrid : Gianduja with cocoa butter, coated with sugar glaze | Milk Chocolate

Pagode : Coffee ganache and gianduja | Dark Chocolate

Suzanne : Raspberry ganache and praliné with dried raspberry on top | Dark chocolate

Violetta : Ganache flavoured with violets and crystalized violet on top | Dark Chocolate

Criollo : Intense extra dark chocolate with fresh butter (70%) | Dark Chocolate

Galerie : Caramel ganache on a fine layer of praliné | Dark Chocolate

Prestige : Liquid caramel | Milk Chocolate

Truffe Beurre : Chocolate butter cream dusted with cocoa powder | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Tiramisu : Butter cream with tiramisu taste covered with "Amaretti" biscuits | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Champagne : Marc de Champagne butter cream dusted with powdered sugar | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Waffle : Dark Chocolate buttercream coated with belgian waffle pieces

Canasta : Marzipan | Dark Chocolate

Troïka : Marzipan and gianduja, coated with sugar glaze | Milk Chocolate

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