Neuhaus Half Pound

Neuhaus Half Pound

Neuhaus Half Pound


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Sweet Sixteen!

A Masterpiece assorted ballotin comprised of a broad range of imported Neuhaus  Belgian Chocolate.  

A delectable collection of 16 pieces including pralinés, ganache, and gianduja fillings (NO REPEATS). Decorated with Neuhaus ribbon.

Please list your preferences of tastes, if you are so inclined. We will accomodate according to availability and weight.This list serves only as a guidepost and does not guarantee all your selection will be available. We reserve the right to subsititute varieties. Inventories are constantly changing, as our inventory arrives every 3weeks.

Caprice : Nougatine filled with smooth Madagascar vanilla fresh cream | Dark Chocolate (COUNTS AS TWO PIECES)

Tentation : Nougatine filled with a coffee ganache | Milk Chocolate (COUNTS AS TWO PIECES)

Manon Noir : Chocolate Mousse | Dark Chocolate

Manon Orange : Mousse with pieces of orange zest | Dark Chocolate

Manon Lait : Mousse with praliné and caramelized hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Manon Choco Vanille : Vanilla Mousse with a pecan nut | White Chocolate

Diane : Chocolate fresh cream on a gianduja base | White Chocolate

Cornet Doré : Hazelnut gianduja | Milk Chocolate

Cornet Noisetté : Hazelnut gianduja with crunchy hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Méphisto : Almond and hazelnut praliné with caramelized hazelnut pieces | Milk Chocolate

Cœur praliné : Almond and hazelnut praliné | Milk OR Dark Chocolate

Art Deco : Almond praliné with nougat inclusions | Dark Chocolate

Sapho : Smooth almond praliné | Milk Chocolate

Napoléonette : Praliné with coffee | Milk Chocolate

1857 : Speculoos cinnamon praliné | Milk Chocolate

Albert : Hazelnut praliné with a roasted caramelized hazelnut | Dark Chocolate

Passion Amande : Praliné with caramelized almonds and Frech Seasalt | White Chocolate

Astrid : Gianduja with cocoa butter, coated with sugar glaze | Milk Chocolate

Pagode : Coffee ganache and gianduja | Dark Chocolate

Suzanne : Raspberry ganache and praliné with dried raspberry on top | Dark chocolate

Violetta : Ganache flavoured with violets and crystalized violet on top | Dark Chocolate

Criollo : Intense extra dark chocolate with fresh butter (70%) | Dark Chocolate

Galerie : Caramel ganache on a fine layer of praliné | Dark Chocolate

Prestige : Liquid caramel | Milk Chocolate

Truffe Beurre : Chocolate butter cream dusted with cocoa powder | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Tiramisu : Butter cream with tiramisu taste covered with "Amaretti" biscuits | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Champagne : Marc de Champagne butter cream dusted with powdered sugar | Dark Chocolate

Truffe Waffle : Dark Chocolate buttercream coated with belgian waffle pieces

Canasta : Marzipan | Dark Chocolate

Troïka : Marzipan and gianduja, coated with sugar glaze | Milk Chocolate

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You won't be disappointed
Christopher J Barnett (Lexington) | June 4th, 2021
Perfect to enjoy or give as a gift. Have not met a Neuhaus praline we didn't like. Beautifully packed and shipped, or pick them out from the case in the shop. Either way, you can't go wrong.
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